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A Brief Introduction

Updated: Feb 4

I'm living in my parent’s backyard with my feline Alice, 50+ houseplants, and the same mattress I had in my college apartment. I have forged this false sense of independence to attempt to shield myself from the full effect of the absolute chaos that this past year of my life has been. So here I am, playing pretend in the world of post-grad. The reality is I am just waiting for the real thing. Fifty from my childhood home – in the small space above the garage that I DIY remodeled the hell out of until it was “livable” – while pretending independence is something I can afford any time soon.

fluffy orange cat laying down with her paws around the leg of a table, yawning
my cat, Alice

I started thinking about starting this blog a few months ago while I was reading a story in Wired. The author – a college professor and mother of two young adults – had a realization: “Teaching my class helps me understand my kids’ frustration at having dependence forced on them just when they’ve mastered independence.” This simple grasp of someone else’s similar reality explained away the turmoil I felt on my own and I was inspired to forge some path back to independence.

The hollow jokes about getting a job, mostly from the direction of my parents are just that — empty, but unforgiving. So this is my mode to a fallacy of fulfillment. They know the job market is less than ideal at the moment, they don’t quite understand why I want to be a writer but we will cross that bridge another day. For now, I am going to work for free, for no one other than myself, right here.

This blog is composed of my sporadic thoughts, questions, and concerns about things that are not very remarkable, not very new, but that I hope you will take time to think about. I am not looking to lead anyone towards an opinion by the end of each post, I actually hope you can resist the urge to form one. My goal is to provide something factual and dynamic anyone can consider for the rest of their day/week/year. This blog is the last piece of the puzzle to my narrative of forged-independence. Enjoy your own thoughts until if and when you ever return!

- adrianne

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